Products of EUROPA-EXPORT PLUS, Ltd.

One of the key areas in which the enterprise conducts its activity is manufacturing of parts for loaders (suspension arms, bushings, supports, knuckles etc.) for to earthmoving and construction machines.

The presented part (a suspension arm) is made of quality carbon steel, which ensures maximum reliability and wear resistance of a finished product. Thanks to its chemical composition, our products have a high endurance limit and can withstand high drops in load.

For the purpose of removing dross and improving the outside appearance, foundry blanks of Europa-Export Plus, Ltd. undergo shot blasting. The final phase is corrosion protection. Such an effect is achieved by means of applying a special coating (the enterprise can chromium-plate, oxidize, zinc-plate and paint metal).

All screws are designed by Europa-Export Plus, Ltd. subject to customer’s requirements as to material, configuration and operating conditions. Screw pairs are manufactured after drafts (drawings) or a submitted specimen product.
The screws are made of high-strength steel (complying with the GOST standards) with a high wear coefficient.

Products of the machine and tool workshop: worm gear.
Material: steel and bronze.
Coating: partial oxidation.

Drive housing.
Alloy grade: HF 40.
Casting method: cavityless casting.

Products of the machine and tool workshop: welded components.
We perform welding of duplicate parts or parts of a combined type.
Techniques of welding cast iron, structural steel, aluminum and other types of metal have been developed.