About the enterprise

Europa-Export Plus, Ltd., started its activity on 01.01.2009 on the basis of Joint Stock Company “Incorporated Company ADVIS”. Europa-Export Plus, Ltd., is comprised of three workshops: Precision Steel Casting Workshop, Tool Workshop and Part Mechanical Process Workshop.
Top management is exercised by a director.
As of 2023, 98 persons worked for Europa-Export Plus, Ltd.:

Generalized product range produced by the enterprise:

  • Engine parts;
  • Truck spare parts;
  • Agricultural machinery spare parts;
  • Parts and assemblies to forklift trucks;
  • Foundry blanks (steel: up to 5kg; high-strength cast iron: up to 20kg; grey cast iron: up to 20kg);
  • Making of complex instruments and production tools, including die tooling and press molds.

Over 80 percent of the enterprise products is exported to the Western Europe countries, concern “Jungheirich AG” (Germany) and “CSERI” GmbH (Germany) .

Europa-Export Plus, Ltd. is certified under ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 .

The enterprise consists of the following structural units:

Foundry Workshop.
The Foundry Workshop is meant for producing blanks of steel and cast iron. The Foundry Workshop output is 70 tons of casts per month.
Highly skilled specialists of the workshop work towards as follows:
  • Lost wax steel casting: 50 tons per month;
  • Consumable pattern steel casting: 10 tons per month;
  • High-strength iron casting: 5 tons per month;
  • Grey iron casting: 5 tons per month.

The foundry consists of two departments: the casting department and the thermal cutting department.

The Foundry is designed for making models and assembling blocks. Blocks are made from a model mix and special coating layers; intended for the preparation of furnaces, the preparation and melting of the charge and the filling of ingots with molten steel. The following equipment is installed in this department:
  • 2 special casting machines;
  • Water pipe to supply the models instead of mounting blocks;
  • Application of a device for the production of coating in blocks;
  • Drying chamber coating;
  • Furnace melting the model structure out;
  • Kiln firing of blocks;
  • Conveyor feed for blocks, attached;
  • Vibrating table for the molding box;
  • Conveyor of the molding box;
  • Furnace heating of the molding box;
  • Casting conveyor;
  • Furnaces;
  • Cooling conveyor;
  • Installation for turning the molding box.
Department of special types of castings for the production of polystyrene models and (burnout models) of castings. In the special casting department there is:
  • Furnaces;
  • Vibrating table for the molding box;
  • Vacuum pump;
  • Oven models;
  • The preparation device for polystyrene;
  • Drying chamber for blocks;
  • Installation of the coating (painting) Blöске
Department for cleaning and normalization of cast parts, is intended to separate the blanks from the inlet, on which department there is:
  • cutting machines for enema to cut;
  • Devices for cleaning throws out beads and other defects;
  • shot blasting machines;
  • normalization furnace;
  • Paint shop.
There is an express laboratory in the Foundry Workshop, to determine grade of material in the melting furnaces.
Mechanical tool making department:
The mechanical toolmaking department consists of 3 machine processing areas. The first area is intended for the production of export products. There are numerous machines on this site that ensure the serial production of parts for export. The second, mechanical area is designed for the production of different types of parts, the assembly of sub-assemblies, etc.
The third area is used for the production of tools, devices, stamping and moulding:
  • Machining centers: Chiron, DMG MORI CMX 1100 V;
  • CNC lathe, EMCO S65;
  • coordinates - drilling machines;
  • Universal machine tools: milling, drilling, turning;
  • Plasma cutting facility;
  • welding machines;
  • Furnaces for the heat treatment of parts and materials, through production and machining to assembly.

At Europa-Export Plus, Ltd., there are divisions as follows: